Twistergy. Inspiration. Collaboration. Empathy.

Twistergy is a unique team management methodology founded on 5 core
values: inspiration, empathy, self-management, collaborative knowledge
and ideation.

Empathy and inspiration

We create a nurturing and trustful atmosphere that fosters these two
capabilities, which we understand as skills that can be learned and

Self-management and collaborative knowledge

We encourage self-management as the team’s fundamental dynamic and
collaborative knowledge as the driving force for the development of
individual and group abilities that produce a real synergy.


We promote the launching of a live Idea Lab where each team member can
naturally discover his own creative and innovative spirit helped by
different techniques.


Our methodology consists on a 12-session program for small teams, up
to 15 people. Meetings last for 2 hours and are held in a friendly
environment at the organization facilities. Groups hold people with
similar authority level and activities are conducted by 2 facilitators
(members of the own team) elected democratically in the first session.



Each sessions has two phases: the first one involves a game set to
accomplish a desirable work aptitude and an educational talk (“talk
and tips”) run by a team member or a special guest. The second one
aims at the creation of a live brainstorming idea lab by means of
different exercises

Twistergy sets up and institutes the best practices framework (based
upon inspiration, empathy, innovation and creativity) to transform a
working group into a high performance work team.

Twistergy is a win-win spiral model whose results make an impact not
only on the individuals but also on the work team and on the
organization as a whole. Twistergy is the only methodology that
creates a safe physcological environment grounded on the establishment
of a deep sense of Empathy.


Twistergy is meant for any group of people or work team that has or
aims to achieve a shared goal, shares common values, pursues
performance excellence, constant progress, innovation, creativity and

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