Our team includes talented and business-savvy professionals with
degrees in Business Administration, Accounting, International Trade, Law, Psychology, Human Resources,  and
Philosophy. Thanks to the diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds, we
were able to create this new methodology, revolutionary in terms of
Human Value management.We’re passionate about everything related to human groups, teams and
their dynamics. We’re convinced on the existence and power of synergy
and that, with the right guidance, every work group can become a high
performing team if the proper practices and core values are embraced.

We strongly believe that inspiration and empathy are capabilities
everyone can develop, instead of magical gifts of fate. We’re
confident that inspiration arrives and ideas flow naturally when you
work emphatically.

We have a solid expertise in large multinational companies that allows
us to comprehend corporate culture and its needs. We came up with this
innovative approach by means of our own observation and analysis of
the business’ reality, our experience, our work ethics and our
personal imprint.

Join the Twistergy experience.

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